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OTR DAVECO software are tire management web services integrated with mobile technology. DAVECO products include TPMS sensors, ECU and accessories. Together they form a DAVECO system for fleets, tractor trailers, trucks, OTRs, buses and automobiles.

OTR DAVECO system can manage your tires for you. Once you set-up and install DAVECO TPMS on your vehicle, DAVECO automatically monitors, displays and notifies you how to manage your tires to insure safety, maximize tire life, improve fuel economy, reduce labor cost and maximize operation.


OTR DAVECO™ System components are made of commercial grade Android tablets, high speed data router and software and DAVECO Link

M7R Android Tablet

  • High-performance Rockchip 3188 Quad-core processor
  • 7” 800x480 original High-brightness TFT-LCD
  • Multi-touch capacitive touch control
  • Supports GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G network
  • -20~65℃ operating temperature
  • VESA mount converter for in-house or car mount


DAVECO Logic M2M 3G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Router

  • Support data & video transmission,
  • Advanced 32 bit processors
  • Up to 32 simultaneous Wi-Fi devices
  • Up to 300 Mbps
  • Fault Tolerant, Anti-Crash and Auto-reconnect function



  • Dual Processor
  • 2 to 180 sensors (Improved)
  • Sensors: Internal and External sensors
  • Connects via USB-OTG or Wireless
  • USB-OTG, RS-232, RS-485, Bluetooth and WiFi


Long Haul P-1638 800/900 MHZ Antenna (optional)


  • OTR external valve stem TPMS sensor
  • OTR internal patch mount TPMS sensor
  • Aluminum Wheel Sensor ID Tag
  • Durable Protective housing
  • Powerful RF signal – 100+ meters (external) 
  • Robust, waterproof and dust proof
  • 2 - 3 year battery life expectancy
  • Operating Pressure 0 to 188 psi 
  • Pressure Accurate to +/- 7 kpa or 1 psi
  • Operating Temperature
  • -40 to 80°C (external)
  • -40 to 125°C (internal) 
  • Temperature Accurate to +/- 3°C



OTR DAVECO Cloud Solution

OTR DAVECO™ & 360° Camera System

OTR DAVECO™ Android & Apple Client

OTR DAVECO Client TPMS monitor and configuration applicaton

  • Single step TPMS configuration
  • Remote management  
  • Up to 180 Wheel positions
  • Drop Hook – up to 10 Trailers & Dollies
  • QR2D Barcode Support for wheels
  • Universal TPMS Client
  • Real time Pressure and Temperature chart
  • 30 Day history
  • Synchronization manager as a background service for offline-online operation
  • Supports Bluetooth Wi-Fi and USB-OTG
  • Lock screen support

DAVECO Fleetview

DAVECO Fleetview Client for Android & Apple

Mobile Fleet Monitor Application with Notifications

  • Secured Login
  • Fleet List with Status and Health Score
  • Vehicle wheel status list
  • Alert and Health Score Notifications
  • Real time location mapping
  • Standard Cold Pressure, 24 hr. low pressure, RSSI (24 hr. Relative Signal Sensitivity Index)

Easy to Use

DAVECO Fleetview Client for Android & Apple

One Step Configuration

  • Enter low pressure alert value, high pressure alert value & high temperature alert value
  • System automatically configures the rest


Color Coded for Easy to Understand

  • Green is good, Red is bad and Yellow needs attention
  • Vehicle TPMS Monitor is color coded


Vehicle Tire Health Score

  • Tire condition is scored from the last 24 hours

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance benefits

  • Maximize fuel efficiency,
  • Minimize operating cost
  • Increased safety.


Pressure Chart Analytics Temperature Chart Analytics
Alert Notifications Health Scores
24 Hour Low Pressure Push Notifications

Proper Inflation

13% Below Inflation

Open System

OTR DAVECO System components and software are all made of industry standard hardware and software standards. Allowing the system to grow and develop furthering your investment

Android Apple
Java Wi-Fi i Bluetooth
Internet 3G 4G LTE
HTML5 Push Norifications

Remote Management & Push Technology

Scheduling to meet a vehicle is waste of time and sometimes not possible. Remote management allows you to update and change configurations, rename the vehicle. Do this while online and offline and the system will synchronize when it connects to internet.


Push Notifications work while user is offline and is notified when he re-connects.

DAVECO Cloud Server

DAVECO cloud server: Intuitive TPMS management intelligently designed
Fleet Status Organization Management
Vehicle Status User Management
Sensor History Vehicle Management
Pressure Chart Configuration Push
Temperature Chart GPS Reporting
Fleet Map Location

Fleet Status

Fleet Status presents all your vehicles in a table sorted and prioritized by status and health score

  • Columns: Vehicle Code, Vehicle Type, Last Updated, Vehicle Status, Health Code and Organizational Code (each column can be filtered and sorted)
  • Vehicle Status: Alert or Normal
  • Health Score: Quick Grading Method to identify tires that need attention
  • Organizational Code: organizational code used to logically group different vehicles.
  • Select a vehicle to bring up other functions: Vehicle Status, Sensor History, Pressure Chart, Temperature Chart, Map Location and Video Replay

Vehicle Status & Configuration

Vehicle Status & Configuration list each wheel positions and TPMS statuses

  • Heading: Configuration Name, Vehicle ID, Vehicle Type and Wheel Layout
  • Columns: Last update, Status, Sensor ID, Current Pressure, Current Temperature, Standard Code Pressure, Lowest Pressure (24 Hr), Low Pressure Alert, High Pressure Alert, High Temperature Alert , No Signal Alert, Low Battery Alert, High Pressure Alert, Low Pressure Alert, High Temperature Alert, Rapid Air Lost Alert  (each column can be filtered and sorted)
  • Status (Tire): Green Normal / Red Alert “If any of the above alert condition exist”
  • Select a wheel position and then select sensor history to bring up sensor history table

Vehicle Pressure Chart

Vehicle Tire Pressure Chart by Axle: 

  • Powerful color coded pressure charts dividing the wheels by axle convey information quickly facilitating problem identification and preventative maintenance.
  • Dynamic charts are build based on individual vehicle tire pressure alerts eliminating the need for each user to be familiar with the TPMS parameters of each vehicle.
  • Selectable by day, week and month
  • Red bands indicating low pressure alert and high pressure alerts are build dynamically from the individual vehicle TPMS parameters
  • Green - <5% SCP (standard cold pressure) 100 % HS (health score), Blue - <10% and >5% SCP 75% HS and Yellow - <15% and >10% SCP 50% HS

Vehicle Temperature Chart

Vehicle Tire Temperature Chart by Axle: 

  • Powerful color coded temperature charts dividing the wheels by axle convey information quickly facilitating problem identification and preventative maintenance.
  • Visualize the wheel temperature and prevent tire blowouts.
  • Selectable by day, week and month
  • Pink bands indicating high temperature alert are build dynamically from the individual vehicle high temperature alert parameters



GPS Tracking

Fleet Map Location: 

With location reporting, DAVECO can track your fleet whereabouts, which you may find useful when you need to locate the vehicle to do tire maintenance

Your DAVECO knows exactly where your wheel has been and this is how to see if road terrain is affecting your tire. Once you know the location you can set Replay geo-fence function to retrieve video when vehicle enter that location.


GPS Tracking

GPS Reporting: 


  • Fleet Vehicle Selector
  • Speeding Report
  • Idle Report
  • Mileage Report
  • Mileage Comparison Report