Tire monitoring and control system capable of noticing more than other pieces of software.  

Comprehensive solutions for tire exploitation management in the transportation-oriented branch of industry.  

The unique DAVECO pressure and temperature measurement system has been designed to ensure full comfort to clients operating in various  branches of Transportation industry. It will help you face all the challenges connected with fleet management, increase safety, lower tire maintenance costs, as well as lower fuel consumption by constantly monitoring tire condition. 

A sensor installed inside each tire measures air pressure and temperature every 4 minutes. The identified values are then sent remotely to an ANDROID device located in driver’s cabin. The device identifies each sensor, analyzes key data, and shows position, air pressure, and tire temperature, as well as issues warning if a problem is identified. The said data are sent to our server.   

Access to the aforementioned pieces of information can be obtained by logging in via our website. Data are gathered and can be manager 24/7, which makes it possible to manage your fleet and make amendments immediately. 


DAVECO System – THE ONLY SYSTEM on the market taking advantage of the Internet of Things scheme. 

The unique TPMS system has been designed to ensure full comfort to the user. It ensures constant reporting on the condition of every single tire of the owned car fleet in real time. The system allows for being constantly in control while at the same time cutting costs. It actively prevents costly delays by identifying problems before their occurrence and serious malfunction.  

DAVECO  is managed by a certified data center and offer a high level of security.  

DAVECO  TPMS products and dedicated pieces of software are managed in a centralized manner by means of a DAVECO  Cloud server. Fleet members can access the said served by means of their smartphones, mobile devices, and web browsers. 

Corporations utilize SaaS (Software as a Service) for numerous business applications, including office management and correspondence handling software, as well as management programs, map programs, accounting software, cooperation management apps, customer relations management system  (CRM), and enterprise resource planning schemes (ERP). TMaaS is another part of a tire management system.  DAVECO  is the leader in its field.

The major goal of TMaaS (DAVECO  and DAVECO ) is to minimize tire maintenance costs by means of hardware outsourcing and software maintenance. Yet another point of focus is to grant all the parties interested (drivers, vulcanizes, depot managers, fleet managers, system managers, and enterprise owners) to access vital pieces of information via Cloud servicing.  

    DAVECO  is available in the form of subscription, lifelong license, and economic version, ensuring the constant focus on the satisfaction of a customer. 
    - The DAVECO  infrastructure can be easily and quickly scaled. Your organization do not need to worry about the purchase or maintenance of costly hardware or server space.  

    Utilized components can be implemented on any tire and in any tire configuration, which ensures quick application rather than costly adjustment.  

    DAVECO  is managed by a certified data center and offer a high level of security.  
    DAVECO  grants full control over every tire of a vehicle regardless of your position. You will be able to monitor and track every single event for tires with low pressure or low temperature thanks to your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.
    DAVECO  TPMS systems are made out of top quality components, which is the guarantee of their longevity.  Individual lifecycles of system equipment have been meticulously planned and are properly controlled. Our task is provide our customers with factual value rather than to generate additional costs.


  • Ability to check both pressure and temperature in tires
  • Parameters are monitored in real time 24/7 
  • Long battery usability (5 - 7 years)
  • Instant notification in the case of pressure being too high/ too low, rapid pressure loss, and high temperature  
  • Sensors installed internally, safe and reliable solution
  • Easy fleet management. Ability to monitor all fleet tires in real time 
  • Ability to control parameters via every device with ANDROID system installed
  • Customized MANAGER application for Company Owner. Ability to manage the entire fleet from user’s phone  
  • Ability to remotely change sensor parameters, set alarms, and perform full configuration.
  • System is suitable for every vehicle type  
  • THE BEST NOTIFICATION SYSTEM that informs us about tire changes. You do not need to watch the system, it's the system that keeps us and our entire fleet.


Reliable and effective OPERATION

The TPMS system has been designed by means of using as little components as possible, in order to ensure the lowest number of failures and malfunctions. You can always be sure that you take advantage of most up-to-date solutions. Innovativeness and real time updates make it possible for us to constantly develop the application. 




The system monitors, analyzes, and reports on: 

Tire pressure:

  • Rapid pressure loss as a result of tire puncture  
  • 20% drop in relations to base pressure 
  • 30% increase in relations to base pressure 
  • Uneven axis pressure 


Tire temperature:

  • Alarm is issued when tire temperature exceeds 70 ° C


Vehicle speed: (optionally)

  • Excessive speed is the main reason of the increased speed of tire wearing-off 




  • In-built GPS, vehicle localization is registered, which helps tracking and sending mobile servicing team in the case of a malfunction.


GPS reporting: 

  • Car fleet choice
  • Reports on speeding  
  • Reports on delays and stops
  • Reports on mileage
  • Juxtapositions of mileage

How does it work?

The TPMS DAVECO system utilizes three basic elements to create a single, comprehensive solution. After installation, the tire management system operates in a simple yet effective manner. The chart below shows a typical configuration for bigger vehicles, such a tractor with an additional semitrailer.  

DAVECO  link            

The unit in question is responsible for receiving and monitoring TPMS sensors readings and transmitting information on tire condition to smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, as well as other devices utilized for TPMS management.  

Sensors - Installed internally to check both tire temperature and pressure.  

Our sensors are installed inside tires and monitor their condition in real time 24/7, especially tire pressure and temperature. Thanks to such a mode of application, they will not be stolen or damaged while driving. Each sensor is equipped with a durable battery of longevity of 5-7 years, so replacements are limited to an absolute minimum.  

Antennas, trailers, and transmitters 

Antenna receives data sent remotely by sensors and then transmits them to the DavecoLink module. The said unit, is responsible for receiving and monitoring TPMS sensors readings and transmitting information on tire condition to smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, as well as other devices utilized for TPMS management.


Ability to enable video preview. Additional option

- possibility of installing an additional camera registering events and behavioral patterns of drivers. Online access.


DAVECO display visualizes temperature and pressure-related data in real time.  

* Display mode depends on selected option.


The system is still developed. It allows for controlling semitrailers and trailers remotely. 

TPMS display

TPMS displays come together with all the basic solutions implemented. The display shows tire pressure and temperature in real time, as well as car overview.  

Information on individual axes and notifications on leaks and serious malfunctions are also issued.

Every device with ANDROID or iOS system can be used as a display.