• Risk of malfunction while driving drops by 30% (according to ADAC data), 
  • Benefits of proper tire operation: shorter breaking time, better handling, 
  • Increase in brand awareness and positive image  
  • Elimination of sudden tire burst risk (3% of all malfunctions are caused by sudden tire bursts) 



  • Quick return of investment,
  • Investment amounts to 245 PLN per tire per 5 year! 



  • Lower fuel consumption, 
  • Decreased CO2 emission,
  • Increased tire longevity,
  • Limitation of the amount of gases emitted while producing tires, 
  • Limitation of the amount of tires to be disposed of (as a result of sudden tire bursts)
  • Decreased tire replacement need


Additional economic advantages

Higher vehicle value thanks to real mileage indications  (in the case of driving a car with improperly pumped tires, the total number of kilometers driven may vary from the indications by 10%),

  • Ability to save time typically spent on checking pressure and temperature of tires,
  • Limited risk of being fined due to stopping on a motorway,  
  • Higher work comfort of drivers and pilots,  
  • Elimination of stops caused by tire malfunctions.  
  • Welcome to our world – pressure monitoring in every vehicle type.  

Welcome to our world – pressure monitoring in every vehicle type.

We are fully aware of the fact that every manager has to face certain challenges, to deliver goods, services, or passengers to their destination without even slightest problems on the way. It has to be pointed out that the condition of our roads deteriorates. There are increasingly more holes, gaps and uneven parts of surface that may cause tire puncture at any time. 

Surveys have proved that tire malfunctions are most common causes of road accidents. Therefore, they are key when it comes to ensuring and maintaining reliability. 

DAVECO is a comprehensive system. 

System monitors the vehicle in a comprehensive manner from the very moment of its installation, allowing managers to avoid problematic and costly malfunctions and facilitating quicker fixing of all identified issues.

The TPMS system is the guarantee of full comfort.


Examinations have shown that 80 % of fleets do not control their tire condition. It is connected with: 

  • Unnecessary fuel wasting, 
  • Tire longevity decrease
  • Higher CO2 emission.


Key features of a vehicle: 

  • maintenance, 
  • braking time
  • stability
  • safety


Professional fleet manager will be able to check: 

  • Maintenance-related undertakings, as well as data on pressure level, tread wear, tire condition can be checked regularly  
  • Execution of everyday visual checks by the drivers. 
  • The said controls are an important aspect of taking care of the fleet.  
  • However, reality is not always so bright: 
  • Period of time between planned maintenance undertakings is frequently too long to remove all the issues being early indications of more serious technical problems
  • Experts are often not able to identify problems during inspections
  • More focus is put on tractors, so issues with trailers are overlooked. 


To put it in few words, it is difficult to identify all the problems early and prevent malfunctions. Thanks to constant monitoring by means of our TPMS system, you can always check pressure and temperature readings in real time and address all the upcoming problems.


Thanks to cooperation with fleet managers and tire providers, each system checks tire pressure and is adjusted to specific parameters of a given vehicle.  TPMS sensors are safely installed in wheels, thanks to which they can check both tire pressure and temperature measurements.  DAVECO server manages every axis of a vehicle, tire specification, basic pressure values, and many more factors of the managed fleet. 

When the vehicle is running, sensors (with 5 year guarantee) send data to DAVECO Link module located in driver’s cabin. The said component of the system sends them to the server. Such a cooperation ensures constant monitoring in real time, reporting on tire condition directly to driver’s cabin, and the ability to access all devices after logging in to the system. 

Your account is available at all times via our completely safe website. You can access it from virtually every device – desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone – regardless of whether you are a fleet manager or a tire supplier.  


TPMS system prevents serious issues

When the application identifies sudden pressure drop or pressure exceeding set thresholds – which are main causes of malfunctions – a notification is sent both to the driver and the management. The driver may then safely stop the vehicle and perform all the required check in order to avoid any possible malfunctions and technical difficulties.

It is also worth indicating that all the reports are available in real time. The system also gives access to historical data on vehicles. Thanks to a detailed analysis, managers can make decisions on tire purchase schedule, routing policies, and tire specification.

Your clients are your key to success – do not risk losing them. Tires do not need to be causes of road accidents.  

Return of investment

Unused inflation Consumed fuel Increased tire wear speed
10% +1% +10%
20% +2% +30%
30% +4% +45%

Scope of support and frequently asked questions concerning tires for trucks.

The incorporation of the TPMS for Transport, you can easily increase the overall value of your car fleet:


  • Tire malfunctions may be detrimental in effect. Minimizing problems with pressure and temperature levels in tires will make the vehicles saver not only for drivers but for other road users as well.


Fuel saving

  • 10% lower tire pressure = increase in fuel consumption by 1-2%


Lowered tire wear

  • Pressure that is even 10% lower than the optimal one may result in 10 % increase in tire wear speed 


Quicker transportation

  • Less malfunction while on the road


Limited carbon oxide emission

  • Limited tire wear and decreased fuel consumption, as well as a significant drop in carbon oxide emission


More effective tire maintenance

  • Checking tires one by one may turn out to be time-consuming. Thanks to the utilization of our system, you will also know which tires need your attention and you will be able to replace them quicker


Your fleet and tire-oriented budget

  • By preventing tire wear, you not only save yourself additional expenses connected with purchasing a new one, but you also do not have to worry about calling roadside assistance.