About us

Daveco is a company which provides innovative systems for companies operating in the transportation-oriented branch of industry. Our aim is to increase safety, care about the environment, and significantly lower operation costs.

Nowadays, we have to deal with numerous problems with tires, especially while cooperating with transportation-oriented companies, so we have decided to increase the awareness of tire condition importance in terms of fleet management.  

While analyzing the issue from technical and partnership point of view, it can be seen that companies do not spend their time and do not control in any way or form the condition of their tires. As a result, there are numerous malfunctions, tire punctures, and compensation claims, which are predominantly caused by low tire pressure – it makes up for 70-80 % of all claims. There is also the complete lack of knowledge of additional costs connected with such a negligence. Companies unconsciously increase fuel consumption and decrease tire life. However, all tire-related aspects can now be monitored in real time. It can be done for an entire fleet within minutes.  


Basing on good relations with clients, we take care of their economic well-being and provide them with solutions that will make it possible to prolong the period of time between consecutive tire replacement procedures.